Thursday 8 March 2007

Anti-Islam Protest

For the third time in the last week, I am linking to Gates of Vienna. Mr Smith has alerted me in a comment to a story over there about a planned protest in Brussels. Right outside the European Parliament.

The difference with this protest is that it won't be a bunch of leftists and Muslims calling for the annihilation of Israel, nor will it be deranged anarchists digging up the pavement. Rather, it is a protest against the Islamification of Europe. A group named Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE) is organising it, and is hoping to have representatives from every country in Europe present. Fittingly, it will be on September 11th this year. Full details are at Gates of Vienna, and I strongly recommend paying a visit.

I can't find any website or blog for SIOE, but from a comment on the blog of the campaign group Stop the Islamification of Denmark I gather that a protest may also be held in London on July 7th. If so, I for one would certainly aim to be there.

The problem with protests like this is there is a substantial potential for things to go wrong. There is always a risk of a low turnout, although it seems that plenty of blogs are spreading the word, which will be important. Perhaps a bigger risk is that the protest will turn violent. Or that a bunch of neo-Nazis (real ones, not what Unite Against Fascism views as Nazis) will show up. The liberal media would have a field day with either scenario, and you just know that if 100,000 ordinary people, and one Nazi, turned up to protest, the media would focus entirely on the Nazi. Nonetheless, there is also a very great potential for such a protest, and we do all have to be prepared to take risks, if we are to defeat Islam. The formation of an international anti-Islamic movement (the first of its kind?) is very good news.

Update: Just to mention that the UK organisers can be reached by e-mail at

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