Monday 26 March 2007

Weird Pride

I have been tagged by Mr Smith, and am apparently now bound by the venerable traditions of blogging to reveal six weird things about myself. These are the rules, by which I must abide, in exposing the secret loathsome depravity of my day-to-day life:
People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things as well as stating this rule clearly! Three people need to be tagged and their names listed. Finally a comment needs to be left on each tagged person's blog...
And away we go:

1. I am unable to watch David Cameron on TV without becoming seriously enraged, and throwing things. Anyone else, I can just about tolerate, but there's something about Cameron that renders me totally without self-control. For the last year, I have been turning off the TV whenever it appears even possible he might speak. Of course, I don't think this is at all weird. What is weird is the fact that most people don't react in this manner.

2. I once became involved in a shouting match with a man, who turned out to be Alex Callinicos, leading light of the Socialist Workers Party, and doyen of the extreme-left. He called me a "stupid little creep" and told me to "piss off". Only later did I discover who he was. Had I known at the time, I would have been far ruder to him.

3. I am slightly scared of heights. I never used to be, and spent much of my childhood scrambling around the steep hills that surrounded the home of some of my parents' friends in a remote part of North Wales, without ever feeling at all worried. But when I was 15 a man I knew died falling off a mountain in Scotland, and since then I have had a strong aversion to heights. In my day-to-day life, I find the escalators at some of London's deeper tube stations mildly unnerving, and tend to hurry down them pretty quickly.

4. I have bizarre romanticised notions about the sea, generally centred upon the idea of it being 'the great unknown', even though it no longer really is. I would love to have served in the Navy in Nelson's day, or perhaps been an explorer with Drake, Raleigh, or Hudson. This is, I think, a hereditary thing - my great-grandfather was a Naval officer, and served all through World War One, and my great-uncle died in a submarine during World War Two, while another relative died on the Titanic. I particularly like the notion of being at sea during a storm, and always hope for one to come up when I'm on a boat. It's only happened once - in the Bay of Biscay - but I loved it.

5. On the subject of death, one of my favoured activities, when I have a free afternoon, is walking round Brompton Cemetery. I'm not sure why this is - I suppose I enjoy the tranquility.

6. I am very much a cat lover, having been brought up in a home with seven of them. I sadly don't have any myself now, so content myself with voting at Kittenwar.

Well, that's the lot. Who to tag? I suppose tagging people who actually know who I am would be a good idea, so I tag (and I hope none of them mind) Michael Cadwallader, the Gunslinger, and, in the hope that it will encourage him back into blogging, Tottenham Lad.


bernard said...

Hang on hang on fella!
Waddya mean "most people don't react in this manner"(?)
Do you live in a bowl or something?
Cameron's face and voice evokes a 'technicolour yawn' from me and all the family; the old'uns just fill their pants up!
Why does the whole population feel like this? Cos most people can remember a peach-faced little nerd like Cameron, (at their own junior school) and could'nt wait 'till breaktime to smack his pudgy face and hear his silly squealing voice of protest.
Your feeling are not weird; they are just how a normal person reacts to an elastic-sided pillock in a pin-stripe.

bernard said...

And while I am hovering around your blog...for someone who comes from a naval trad to refer to a SHIP (in the BofB) as a BOAT, is a serious faux pas that only a typical BBC hack would make.
Ships are big ocean going vessels; boats pootle about on the Serpentine.

Fulham Reactionary said...


In mitigation, I can only say that all of my naval forebears were dead by the time I was born. Nonetheless, it was, as you say, a faux pas worthy of the Beeb.

As for Cameron: I know at least one person who has defected from the Lib Dems to the Tories because she admires him so much, and a couple of other people who also like him. And he does have a bizarre popularity with a significant part of the population, at least according to opinion polls.