Thursday 15 March 2007

Going for a sauna in a hijab

This story from the Sun is bizarre, more than anything else, although it does demonstrate, in a truly surreal manner, the fear people have of doing anything which might offend a Muslim:

A MUSLIM woman in full hijab robes was allowed to swelter in a SAUNA because worried staff did not want to offend her.

She then jumped into the sports centre’s swimming pool to cool off while still wearing the black top-to-toe Islamic dress.

Staff did not know if they should enforce a dress code which asks customers to wear SUITABLE clothes (Hint: Yes, you should - FR).

People in the sauna — all wearing normal swimming cossies — were amazed as the woman joined them in the steam room in her robes.

Last night surprised Muslim spokesman Taj Hargey asked: “How can you swim properly if you wear a hijab?”

After ten minutes in the sauna and ten minutes in the pool the mystery woman changed out of her wet hijab into a dry one in the changing rooms and left alone.

(Hat-tip: Dhimmi Watch)

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