Saturday 3 March 2007

Islam will dominate

Via Dhimmi Watch (once again!), this report that Islam is set to become Europe's dominant religion:

But while church attendance on the continent reportedly shows a similar decline, the level of Muslim religious participation and the Muslim population itself has exploded.

In recent years, experts say that young European Muslims are returning to the faith which their parents observed only sporadically, becoming much more devout.

Though Muslims only comprise around three percent of the British population, Christian Research says that in 35 years there will be twice as many Muslims in mosques on Friday as there are Christians in churches on Sunday.


Nicole Bourque, a professor of religious studies at Glasgow University, said that she thought increasing numbers of Christians would convert to Islam in the coming years.

She said that she knew of around 200 converts in Glasgow alone, mostly lapsed Christians who had grown up without a strong religious background.

While many were women who had married Muslim men, she said many had been attracted to learn more about Islam by its increased profile since 2001.
I really don't see why anyone would choose to convert to Islam. But apparently it happens. And our trendy, modern, politically-correct clergymen are hardly going to inspire any Muslims (or anyone) to convert to Christianity. After all, if Muslim nutcases have one thing, it's faith. They genuinely believe that their religion is the right one. For those who have been brought up in a secular, relativist family and society, the certainty that Islam offers can be very encouraging. By contrast, too many Christian clergymen seem to not really believe in the truth of Christianity. And if you don't believe in what you preach, how are you going to persuade anyone else?

Of course, our useless modern clergy are only symptomatic of our society - a society which has abandoned its traditions and moral beliefs, in favour of empty multiculturalism. We no longer believe in defending our country and culture, nor do we really want to beat Islam. Too many of us just don't care.

On the subject of which, I refer to this article by Paul Weston at Gates of Vienna: Multiculturalism - Merits and Debits. Well worth a read.


bernard said...

Nice post you've got running here.
The web seems to be 'refining' itself these days to those sites that share a common belief, and uninhibited, sound values.

Welcome to the feast. There may be one or two 'spectres' who come in, but, what the's where they're heading!

The Gunslinger said...

Hello! Mr. Smith [Mr. Smith's Refusal] introduced me to your blog in a comment on my own.

The same nonsense is happening here in the U.S., admittedly in much smaller doses...and with much less assertiveness as yet. There are so many MORE of us, and relatively fewer of them.

But, immigration and "political correctness" being what they shouldn't be long before Muslims are telling us what we should teach in school and be allowed to say in public.

Our "mainstream" Christian clergy, like your own are round-heeled, clueless and useless. They're too busy appointing lesbian bishops, and providing sanctuary to illegal aliens to worry about Islam.

One bulwark America does have against the invaders is the growing and dedicated Evangelical Christian community. God bless them. Of course, the media, the education establishment, and the literati hate them with a passion.

FYI I've placed you on my blog roll. Reciprocation will be appreciated if you're so inclined. I'm at:

Gunslinger's Journal

Fulham Reactionary said...

Thanks to you both for dropping by.

Gunslinger: I've added you to the blogroll, in the 'International' section. If and when I do another round-up of new additions, I'll try and remember to mention you.

From what I see of America, it does seem that you will soon be experiencing the same problems as we are having here. At least those of you who are minded to resist will have been forewarned by the sight of what's going on in Europe. Of course, it's really a question of beating the liberal-left in the "culture wars". Do that, and you can resist Islamification.

Michaelcd said...

"I really don't see why anyone would choose to convert to Islam. But apparently it happens."

I wonder if it has to do with the self-hatred which has enveloped the Western World, on a personal scale. After all, what better way is there for a self-hating Britain to show how you reject your country, tradition and your family, than putting yourself in a niqab or a head-dress.

Anonymous said...

25 things that scare the shiite out of Muslims:

(1) Jooooooz
(2) Rational analysis of Muslim beliefs.
(3) Fun
(4) Comparative religion in schools.
(5) Dance, drama, music and arts in school.
(6) Swimming lessons.
(7) Boy meets girl (unless they're cousins)
(8) St George
(9) Pigs and Monkeys
(10) Large Statues of Buddha
(11) Crosses
(12) Small statues of Buddha
(13) Tiny crosses worn as jewelry
(14) Crosses disguised as + signs on keyboards and calculators.
(15) Evolution
(16) The Enlightenment
(17) The BNP
(18) Christian Zionists
(19) The Truth
(20) That verse in the Bible about what happens to pedophiles.
(21) Castration of rapists.
(22) Internment and deportation of enemies of civilisation.
(23) A well-ordered citizens' militia.
(24) Dum-dum bullets greased with bacon fat
(25) God

Anonymous said...

MichaelCD makes an excellent point about Western self-loathing. Surely there must be something that can be done about that? Seems as though that might be the root of all this trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Almost didn't see your link through to Mr Weston's article on GoV. I feel I should mention that it's also posted on A Tangled Web, where it provoked a lively discussion amongst a more British audience. Very enlightening, I thought. You can see it here.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Self-loathing is of course a major part of it. I think Paul Weston touches on the root of it in his article, when he refers to non-white children being taught in schools to celebrate their heritage, and white children being taught to feel guilt and shame about theirs.
Self-loathing grows, I think, out of this kind of teaching in schools. Native British children are taught that they don't really have a culture, and that what culture they do have is wicked and racist. It is surprising how many liberals, in an argument about multiculturalism, will claim that there is no such thing as British culture. These are the people who took on board all the propaganda fed to them in school.
When one believes that one is from a civilisation so backward that it has produced nothing of value to anyone (an absurd proposition I know, but some liberals really do seem to believe it), then it becomes quite logical to want to "enrich" one's culture.

I would say that, if we do want to reverse the trend towards self-loathing, then we need to start by reversing the approach to teaching that has been dominant, at least in state schools, for the past thirty years or so. But, given that it was recently reported that Byron and Trollope are to be removed from the English curriculum to make room for the second-rate comedienne Meera Syal, any prospects for an immediate reversal of the trend seem remote.

Anonymous said...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable, I have heard. If we're to survive, we need a grassroots resistance. I would imagine this would go along the lines of: homeschooling your children, educating yourself as to your real past and culture, and being as stubbornly, bloody-mindedly, even arrogantly English as you can.

And, of course, spreading the word. :-)