Wednesday 28 March 2007

Policeman Memorial Smashed

Detective Constable Stephen Oake died in January 2003, after being stabbed repeatedly by Islamic terrorist Kamel Bourgass. Bourgass is now serving a 'life' sentence for the murder, and for plotting to murder thousands more with ricin.

In the aftermath of DC Oake's death, a marble monument was erected close to where he died, in the Crumpsall area of Manchester. Now, this has been desecrated. The vandals ripped the monument from its plinth, broke it, and hurled the pieces into the car-park of Cheetham Hill police station, damaging three vehicles.

It is unclear who committed this repulsive act. Whoever it was, they are a disgrace to humanity, and should be severely punished. But it is noticeable that 14% of people in Crumpsall are Pakistani - no doubt many of them "youths" - while neighbouring Cheetham has been especially enriched, with no fewer than 27.6% of the population being Pakistani. It may well be that this was the work of white thugs - Heaven knows there are enough of them - but I certainly wouldn't bet against this being the work of Muslims.

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