Thursday 1 March 2007

Hideously White, part 94,000

Despite mass immigration and collapsing native birth-rates, Britain is still a country in which 91% of people are white. Corby, in Northamptonshire, is 93.7% white. For this reason, the Prison Service has opted to move 80 jobs from Corby, to that centre of multicultural bliss, Leicester (where only 59.6% of the population are evil white people). Corby, it seems, is just "too white and British".

Of course, this is yet another example of anti-white racism at work. Corby's ethnic make-up reflects, almost exactly, the ethnic make-up of the UK. And yet it is "too white" for the powers that be. Presumably, therefore, the country as a whole is "too white".
It seems that whenever an organisation (or now a town) is majority white, that is a sign of racism. I recall accusations that the world of classical music was inherently racist, because it is overwhelmingly white. However, not only does that simply reflect the ethnic make-up of the country, but classical music is also part of a white, British, cultural heritage. It is not part of the cultural heritage of non-whites. I haven't noticed anyone complaining that Jamaican steel bands are overwhelmingly black.
But then, if whites are a minority (and the smaller that minority is, the better for the multiculturalists), then that is a glorious triumph for diversity. In Leicester, whites are massively under-represented by comparison with the country at large. Therefore, Leicester is a model town, and it, and its residents (or at least the non-white ones) must be singled out for preferential treatment.

Tory Girl (and "chick-lit" author) Louise Bagshawe is claiming the credit for discovering all this. But I found one of her comments illuminating:
"I told Ann Beasley our town already has a thriving Polish immigrant community, but she ignored it."
So, while Miss Bagshawe may be claiming that she is looking out for the interests of the native population, it seems that she too regards a "thriving immigrant community" as a reason for preferential treatment. Such, it seems, is the attitude of the typical Tory "A-lister".

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Anonymous said...

Corby doesn't quite reflect the ethnic makeup of Britain, or at least it didn't in 2001. Then 18% of the population were Scottish, when the UK total is under 10%. Don't worry, the Daily Mail article you ripped off didn't pick this up either.