Saturday 24 March 2007


A few days ago I wrote about the ridiculous festival of white liberals parading their guilt complexes over the 200th anniversary of the abolition, not of slavery, for it still continues in much of the world, but of the transatlantic slave trade. I do not propose to rehash the objections I have to this display - they are set out in my previous post on the subject.

However, the BBC is really getting into the swing of liberal guilt, and has been relentlessly plugging the whole thing. Today it reported on the bunch of idiots (of whom one is pictured) who have, for reasons best known to themselves, been walking in chains from Hull to London. They were apparently joined by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for the last leg of their journey. Rowan Williams, the Laodicean Archbishop of Canterbury has previously apologised for slavery, on behalf of the Church of England. Dr Williams seems to be quite keen on making apologies to blacks for all their 'suffering' at the hands of the evil white people, having also apologised for the work of Christian missionaries in Africa in converting Africans to Christianity.

I've said that I don't propose to go into details as to why this is idiotic, and I won't. But the picture on the left really struck me. The reason is that it sums up the cultural attitude of this country, or at least a large part of it, so well. Here is a man, his hands bound, in a position of submission, almost on his knees, begging the blacks to forgive him for the crime of being white. While such a position is probably wholly appropriate for the leftist retard pictured, the liberal left, and the whiny grasping racists of groups like Operation Black Vote, want to put the entire white population of the UK in that position. Given the constant diet of anti-white propaganda produced by the education system and the liberal media, promoting the view that all white people are, in essence, evil perpetrators, while all blacks are little less than saints, their aim of bringing us all to our knees in supplication may soon be achieved.

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That picture speaks volumes. Wow.