Monday 12 March 2007

Living in "Da Hood"

A HUGE street brawl between rival Tottenham and Chelsea fans has left several men hospitalised.

Thirty-four supporters were arrested after violent clashes broke out following the 3-3 FA Cup quarter-final slash at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Football hooligans armed with knives and other weapons clashed outside the White Horse Pub, in Parsons Green, south west London, at 8.20pm.

Just round the corner from me.

My flatmate was actually walking to Parsons Green tube station when it all kicked off. Somewhat stupidly, he failed to realise what was going on, as the masses of riot police rushed past him.

I suppose this makes me a hip young urban person, living in a vibrant, edgy area. Or does that only apply when the hooligans aren't white?

Nonetheless, having lived in an area that's had a riot, I fully expect to be allowed to claim some form of victim status, break the law with impunity, and be given special treatment as regards public services. It worked for those people in Brixton...

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Anonymous said...

The Sloany Pony the scene of a riot? I too live minutes away by foot, glad I was elsewhere at the time