Sunday 18 March 2007

Christianophobia Watch

The Mail on Sunday reports that one in three Christians has been the subject of discrimination on the grounds of their religious beliefs:
The survey by the BBC shows unprecedented disquiet among church-going Britons amid claims they increasingly face prejudice in the media, the workplace and even in their own communities.

It follows a series of high-profile rows over unfair treatment towards Christians, including the case of the British Airways worker who was banned from wearing a crucifix, while Muslim employees were allowed to wear headscarfs.

A third of those polled by the BBC's religious programme Heaven And Earth, claim Christians experience discrimination in the way the media portrays them.

One in four said they thought they suffered discrimination in the workplace from colleagues.

And more than one in five said they thought Christians faced discrimination in their local communities.

It reflects a growing unease that Labour multiculturalism has led to ethnic minority faiths such as Islam and Hinduism being given special treatment.

Hinduism? I've never come across grounds for suggesting that Hindus are being singled out for favourable treatment. Islam on the other hand...

No doubt Hinduism was added in for the same reason that the BBC refers to Catholic and Muslim criminal gangs - the MSM doesn't want to admit there's a problem with Islam, or that Muslims receive preferential treatment.

Meanwhile, there is a fear that the historic importance of Christianity in British life has been pushed to the sidelines.
Of course. But don't be reactionary stick-in-the-muds. Look forward to the glorious new multicultural Britain! And so on.

The BBC has itself been accused of blasphemy because of its decision to screen the controversial show Jerry Springer - The Opera, despite its profane portrayal of God and heaven.

Today's Heaven And Earth programme, presented by Gloria Hunniford, will focus on an example of Government prejudice against a Christian-run drug treatment centre.

Yeldall Manor in Berkshire offers successful residential treatment for young men addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The centre is run by evangelical Christians and the regime includes Bible study sessions and grace before meals.

However, their doors are open to addicts of all backgrounds.

William Hague praised its work when he was Tory leader.

But director Ken Wiltshire reveals how John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister tried to cut their funding because they failed to meet Labour's 'equal opportunities' criteria.

He said: "We had been doing a good job helping former addicts move back into the community. So when we went for our routine review with officials we thought we would have no problems.

"But they kept asking us questions about why our staff were exclusively Christian and why there had to be a Christian component to our regime.

"There is no doubt there was prejudice against us because we are Christians. They think we are a bit odd."

Well of course they do. In modern Britain, it's considered a bit off for people to subscribe to religion, especially Christianity. Atheistic nihilism is more the norm for the liberal-left, although they tend to be pretty pro-Islam as well.

The liberal-left benefits from the weakening of Christianity. Christianity has been one of the key building blocks of British culture. Since liberals seek to wage war against British culture, in order to create their new multicultural Britain, it makes sense for them to attack Christianity. In addition, the strong moral views propounded by Christianity stand in sharp contrast to the nihilistic moral relativism of the liberals. Destroying Christianity will go most of the way to destroying traditional morality, opening the way for the left to introduce their own 'anything goes' ethical views.

The liberal-left has enormous influence in society today, particularly in exerting a disproportionate dominance over the education system and the MSM (especially the BBC itself). It uses these two instruments of propaganda to assault and undermine all British culture and British values, including Christianity. This has been instrumental in leading to Christianity being treated as a second-class religion in what used to be a Christian country, just as the native population are treated as second-class citizens.

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