Thursday 8 March 2007

Muslim throws tantrum, part 94,000

Ali Dizaei, a Met Police officer infamous for his various outbursts accusing the police of racism, has failed to gain a promotion. Unsurprisingly, given his past conduct, he has attributed this to racism (those evil white people are all racist, you know). His cronies in the National Black Police Association (NBPA) are echoing his allegations.

Dizaei, who was acquitted of perverting the course of justice in 2003, is an Iranian Muslim, who still holds Iranian nationality. He might like to consider that his track record of using the media to attack his colleagues might have had something to do with his failure to get promoted. Within the past year he has criticised the police for shooting a terrorist suspect during the raids at Forest Gate and has accused fellow officers of creating a crime of "travelling whilst Asian", as a result of their attempts at vigilance in the wake of 7/7. Next week he will publish a book, containing further attacks on his colleagues.

Personally, I think he's already been promoted too far. He holds the rank of Chief Superintendant, and apparently earns £52,000 a year of British taxpayers' money. Yet he holds the nationality of a state that, of all nations, poses the greatest threat to the civilised world, exhibits a typical Muslim opposition to all anti-terrorist measures (which makes one wonder whether he is not secretly sympathetic to terrorists), and, with the NBPA, gives the strong impression that he holds the racist view that all white people are out to get him. I don't believe we can trust such a man to police our streets competently and fairly. He's not fit to wear any police uniform, certainly not that of a senior officer.


Anonymous said...

Heads up, something will be happening in Brussels later this year that could be very interesting indeed. Click here to see.

Anonymous said...

This might be an incredibly naive question, but why is a foreign national a British police officer in the first place? If he were a UK citizen with roots in another country, that'd be something else entirely, but to still be officially a foreigner... What's going on here?

Fulham Reactionary said...

He's got dual nationality, Iranian-British. Personally, I am opposed to the very concept of dual nationality - it's banned in plenty of countries (Spain, for instance, and Singapore). But as long as we have it Mr Dizaei is free to keep both his Iranian nationality and his police post.

And thanks for the link to the post about the anti-Islamic rally. I'll put up a story about it, so anyone reading the site will be sure to see it.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the concept of 'nationality' becoming so elastic as to be essentially useless?