Friday 9 March 2007

A brief flash of common sense

The Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to prosecute Jade Goody, or any of the other Big Brother contestants over the ridiculously hyped-up Shilpa Shetty racism accusations. Now, if they can just decide not to prosecute the Cambridge Motoon students, then they might be on a bit of a roll.

This is of course the only bit of common sense shown over the whole furore. It's been covered ad nauseum, so I don't propose to do so in any detail. But, for the role of chief idiot, I would like to nominate our Dear Leader, who took time out from the business of running the country to fawn over Miss Shetty. I suppose that for a man who's married to Cherie, and who sits in the cabinet with Margaret Beckett, it must be quite nice to meet a woman who's actually moderately attractive. Still, it is contemptible for the British Prime Minister to waste time meeting this woman, who isn't a British citizen, and has done nothing to earn the meeting except getting in an argument on a juvenile TV show. A close runner-up in the race for chief idiot is Hertfordshire Police, for wasting time investigating this 'offence'. Is there no real crime in Hertfordshire? Still, I suppose one would have to be hopelessly naive to expect better from either Blair or the police.

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