Thursday 22 March 2007

Legal news from France and Germany

In France, the editor of Charlie Hebdo magazine, who was on trial for publishing the Motoons, has been acquitted of inciting hatred against Muslims. Spontaneous applause broke out in the courtroom as the verdict was delivered, and I would like to express my happiness at what is some rare good news in France's generally losing battle against Islamification. At least for now, Frenchmen retain at least some rights of free speech.

However, the sudden outbreak of sanity in the French courts has been balanced out by an utterly insane, and frankly evil, decision by a German judge, in the case of a Moroccan woman applying for a high-speed divorce. German law allows for this in cases where one party faces "exceptional hardship", and the woman in this case argued, quite reasonably, that her husband's habit of beating her constituted just that. In reply to which the judge:
...argued that the couple's Moroccan cultural background meant it was "not unusual" for the husband to physically punish his wife.

The woman's domestic abuse therefore did not make her case one of exceptional hardship, she claimed.

When challenged about her ruling, the judge cited a passage from the Koran.

Absolutely appalling. But this is what happens when PC multiculturalism is carried to its natural extreme. After all, all cultures are equal, and it would be racist cultural supremacism to try to impose our values on the poor oppressed Muslims. So this woman will just have to submit to being beaten, in the same manner that a good Dhimmi patiently submits to the demands of his Muslim overlord.

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