Tuesday 13 March 2007

Shettygate madness continues

A few days ago I expressed my relief that Jade Goody, loathsome though I find her, was not to be prosecuted over the Big Brother "racism" accusations, and expressed my contempt for Tony Blair's decision to fawn over the "victim", Miss Shilpa Shetty. I had hoped that that story was now over, but it seems not. For the Telegraph reports that Miss Shetty yesterday took a step (or indeed, a flight of stairs) up from meeting Blair, and met Her Majesty the Queen, at a service at Westminster Abbey to celebrate "tolerance and diversity". It seems that ultimately the PC liberals will only be satisfied when God Himself makes a formal apology to Miss Shetty for the 'appalling' treatment she received (treatment that she herself has said was not racist).

The service was designed to celebrate Commonwealth Day. While I have no aversion to celebrating Britain's links with those countries which have benefited so greatly from their connection to Britain, I do object to the whole thing being turned into a bland display of multicultural liberalism. I particularly object to the liberals using our Queen to promote their views.

I am also very disappointed that the Duke of Edinburgh failed to come up with one of his legendary gaffes. It would have made the whole ridiculous charade worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

I told my wife that it was not a 'silky sheppie' or any sort of dog at all! (let alone a corgi).