Monday 19 March 2007

"Asians", child abuse, and BBC bias

Only 48% of Asians in Britain would report an instance of child abuse to the police, according to a survey by the NSPCC. This contrasts with 92% of the general population. So, clearly the attitudes of the "Asian" community are a bit of a problem.

Except that, of course, "Asian", as used by the media and politicians in the UK, is a bit of a nebulous term. Often it is used as code for "Muslims". Alternatively, it can be used to cover some very different cultural groups - Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. I believe that this is what is happening here.

Now, although Hinduism certainly is not perfect in its traditions and attitudes, it is considerably better than Islam. A lot of Hindus and Sikhs object to being lumped in with the Muslims, because they don't like being tarred with the same brush. I would imagine that the percentage of Muslims who would report child abuse is considerably lower than 48%, and the percentage of Hindus or Sikhs somewhat higher (albeit still lower than the national average). After all, what's good enough for Mohammed...

The NSPCC's Asian Helpline manager, Saleha Islam, said of the problem:
"Child abuse happens in all communities and there is no evidence that it is greater amongst British Asians (In which case, why is there a specific "Asian Helpline"? - FR).

"However, cultural issues and the importance placed on family reputation could mean that it is being hidden away.

"Izzat means that family comes before the individual, but to keep children safe from abuse their interests must come first.

"We want to send out a message to the British Asian community that putting up a wall of silence will not protect children. It will only protect the abuser who will be free to abuse again."

One of the main causes of this problem is the liberal multiculturalist attitude that has encouraged these people to maintain the social attitudes that they've brought with them from the primitive villages in which they grew up. After all, forcing them to accept the values of civilised people would be racist cultural imperialism. Accepting child abuse is just one of the abhorrent traditions that these people have upheld.

Finally, I found the article on the BBC website this afternoon, just after it was published. But don't try looking for it now, it's been swiftly buried, and I only found it again by using the BBC search engine. And who could expect better of the BBC? After all, this makes people who aren't white look bad. And it makes multiculturalism look bad. Best to keep it hidden - that's the BBC way.


Daphne said...

Excellent site!!

In America we would never call an Indian an Asian, that designation is reseved for chinese, japanese, koreans, etc. This can cause a problem in general conversation because of the Native American Indian designation as "Indians", so we're always saying "an Indian from India" or we call them dots, depends who you're in conversation with at the time.

Sorry, I digressed from the topic.....this story is exactly why PC multiculturalism, one world, one people, we're all the same societies bs the governments push will never work. What we (euro/anglo western society) see as an atrocious abomination against unconsenting innocence, they (indian/muslim/foriegn to us) see as a normal part of everyday existince. Life, especially childhood, is cheap to these people. We hold it dear. Our societies are incompatible in so many ways and this story only reitterates the definite need for more separation and less inclusion of two very distinctly different cultures.

BTW...I linked to you from Mr. Smith's site via A Tangled Web. I'm going to bookmark you!

Fulham Reactionary said...

Thanks for your comments - much appreciated.

In the UK we would refer to Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans as "orientals", but I understand that that is frowned upon in America.

As you say, PC multiculturalism will never work, because the moment it achieves its ultimate goals, it will collapse into (most likely) Islamic fascism. The problem is getting enough liberals to realise this to stop multiculturalism being successful.