Sunday 11 March 2007

The school curriculum: gay penguins

The Observer reports that 14 schools and one local education authority will be soon be teaching from three new books, bearing the titles King & King, And Tango Makes Three (which features a pair of homosexual penguins who adopt a baby penguin), and the charming Spacegirl Pukes. All three of these aim to present homosexuality in a positive light to the primary school children who will be forced to read them. If this pilot scheme goes well, then children across the country will soon be reading these books.

The group behind the introduction of these books into the syllabus is called No Outsiders, and is run jointly by Exeter University, Sunderland University, and the Institute of Education, a part of the University of London. So leftist academics are now interfering in the school system to promote their post-modern anti-morality, and to brainwash children from the earliest age. Tellingly, the Observer reports that the programme has received £600,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The ESRC has a budget of over £100million, and says that it "[receives] most of [its] funding through the Government's Office of Science and Innovation". So that's £600,000 of taxpayers' money going to fund this worthless cause, not to mention the salaries of the jobsworths at Exeter, Sunderland, and the IoE.

The introduction of these books has been made possible by the repeal of s. 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which prohibited the promotion of homosexuality in schools. When s. 28 was repealed, we heard that this would simply enable teachers to prevent "homophobic" bullying. Instead, it has led to a scenario where children as young as four will be taught that homosexuality is a perfectly normal activity and lifestyle, entirely equal to heterosexuality, and that it is acceptable, even desirable, for homosexuals to get married and raise children. At a time when heterosexual marriage is being increasingly undermined, one might think, or rather hope, that schools would want to promote that. But apparently not.

Update: A section on the 'No Outsiders' website gives details of some of the other initiatives promoted by that group:

In the Midlands, an Advanced Skills Teacher is incorporating a range of books depicting non-heterosexual-headed families into a scheme of work for emotional literacy, which is being used in a number of schools across the Local Authority. This teacher shared the celebration of his Civil Partnership with staff and pupils at his school: an event which led to a greater level of respect for diversity among the pupils, and a notable reduction in homophobic bullying.

In the North East, as part of a city-wide arts project for Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27th) one primary teacher has included the words ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’ as well as the pink triangle and the rainbow flag in an exploration of a range of terms and symbols representing groups which were persecuted in the Nazi regime and which remain subject to discrimination in contemporary UK society.
So, rather than learning about maths, english, or science in schools, children these days learn about "emotional literacy", which, it seems, is best expressed by possessing left-wing political views. And when teaching about Nazi atrocities, liberal teachers apparently make comparisons between the gas chambers and the fact that homosexuals aren't allowed to marry. Our education system is clearly a complete mess, and will remain so as long as it is dominated by liberals.


youdontknowme said...

I think having head teachers elected every 2 years would solve this problem. If any school tried show gay stories the parents could punish them by getting them out at the next election

Fulham Reactionary said...

Elected headteachers is an interesting idea, which I've never heard mentioned before. It might well work, at least in some circumstances. The case in point would probably be one of them.

However, I think there could potentially be problems. Supposing you have a school with 40% Muslim pupils. The parents of these children would then only need to get the votes of a few liberal idiots, or to have two non-Muslim candidates, and they could end up with some Islamist nutter as headmaster. In schools which have a Muslim majority that result would be close to being assured. Not a good result for any native British children unfortunate enough to be in such schools.

youdontknowme said...

Well seeing as we would ban certain things like:

1. Burqas
2. Halal meat
3. Lessons being taught in foreign languages

You also have to remember that parents can still take their child out of religious education.

It wouldn't matter if a muslim was elected. They could only try and make the education better. If they were crap they could be replaced after 2 years or if recall elections applied to them they could be replaced much sooner.