Monday 5 March 2007

Islamic Tolerance

From the BBC, news that, having ethnically cleansed Jews from Arab countries back in 1948, the Muslims are looking to repeat that success on an even smaller religious minority: the Mandaeans:

Nine-year-old Selwan likes watching cartoons and playing football.

But he is too scared to leave his flat. The other children tease him.

He has burns all down the side of his face and on 20% of his body.

He was kidnapped by Islamic militants [not, of course, terrorists - FR] who forced him to jump into a bonfire - because he is Mandaean.

Now his family lives in a tiny flat in a slum in Damascus.

I meet Luay. He is too scared to be identified and does not want to use his full name.

He was dragged off the street by armed men and forcibly circumcised - a practice not allowed in the Mandaean religion.

He is 19 and is now unlikely ever to find a bride from his own faith.

Worse, he was forcibly converted. That means in the eyes of those same extremists if he now declares himself Mandaean he is apostate.

That makes him a traitor to Islam, who may be murdered. He says he will not be safe in any Muslim country.

Then there is Enhar, raped by a gang of masked men in front of her husband - because she would not wear a veil.


Mandaean elders use words like annihilation and genocide - they believe Islamic militants, both Sunni and Shia, offer them two choices - convert or die.

"Some will not consider us people of the book... they see us as unbelievers, as a result our killing is allowed," says Kanzfra Sattar, one of only five Mandaean bishops left worldwide.

When I get into debates about Islam, I invariably find myself being accused of "intolerance", if not "racism". And yet Islam is the embodiment of intolerance. In Iraq, the Muslims, in full accordance with the laws of their religion, are practising ethnic cleansing directed not only against Mandaeans, but also against Christians. And yet if I criticise that, in the mind of the liberal apologist for Islam, I am a bigot.

Whenever Islam dominates, anyone else becomes a second class citizen, at best. And yet we are importing millions of these people into our country, providing them with the full benefits of British citizenship, and watching them breed like rabbits. Not to mention kow-towing to any demands they might make of us.

If we allow this to continue, our descendants will end up being treated in a manner similar to that in which the Mandaeans of Iraq (who have been there a lot longer than the Muslims) are treated. If we really want to be tolerant, we need to stop Islam taking over.

Postscript: The bizarre Islamophobia Watch blog is one of my regular reads. It's simply fascinating to watch the mind of a genuine Dhimmi liberal at work. On the subject of tolerance, the blog's editor, Martin Sullivan, has this to say about a recent post on the Guardian's Comment is Free, blog, defending the right of the Cambridge students to publish the Motoons:

In the interests of defending the absolute right to engage in satire, and in order to provide some historical background to this principle, perhaps Sue Blackmore could do a follow-up post defending the right of Der Stürmer to publish anti-semitic caricatures. She could entitle it: "Julius Streicher – what a laugh".
One wonders what a psychiatrist would make of the mentality of a man who can compare publishing cartoons depicting a man who's been dead for 1,400 years in an obscure publication to publishing cartoons explicitly designed to stir up anti-semitism in a mass newspaper. Does Martin Sullivan really believe that the Clare College students actually wanted to encourage people to massacre Muslims? Or is he just relying on the stupidity of most of his readers, to look like he's making a sensible point?


Anonymous said...

Why do you think he doesn't allow comments?

Because his readers would poke holes in all his arguments.

Fulham Reactionary said...


I think that one of the main points about blogging is the debate that, ideally, ensues in the comments section. With some of the really big blogs, this can sometimes be more interesting than the original post itself. So I'm somewhat sceptical about any blog that doesn't allow comments.

Another point of interest (to me, at least) is that while Islamophobia Watch is referred to as being a collective, every post is written by Martin Sullivan.
Plus there's Sullivan's rapidly growing list of enemies, recently updated to include Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society. And I find amusement in the way he begins every single reference to the BNP with the ritualistic incantation "the fascists of the BNP".

Oh well, enough of that ridiculous little man.

ba ba said...

Oh, he linked to me once! it was to do with "the march for free expression"

bernard said...

Fulham R:
There are some very strange islamophile blogs out there, and they often have english names.
Another similar piece of ordure I stepped in last week was called 'Steph's Blog' with the picture of a blonde dame to add to the mystery.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading a little something called White Gold at the moment which describes some historical events of the 18th century. The light it sheds on Islamic tolerance is very interesting indeed.