Wednesday 28 March 2007

Surprise, surprise, something upsets Muslims

To be precise, the Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, has upset Muslims, by suggesting that Muslim GPs pass information about female patients back to their families. Apparently, Miss Hewitt has been told by a number of her female Muslim constituents in Leicester that they fear to reveal personal information to their GPs, for this reason.

Hewitt has been backpedalling furiously, with a Department of Health spokesman saying that she did not say that Muslim GPs breached confidentiality, but that Muslim women feared they would. Now, we all know that Muslims are greatly given to paranoia and conspiracy theories, but, given the common Muslim attitude to women (they are chattels), isn't it very possible that the fears of these Muslim women are based in truth? This quote from one woman would certainly indicate this:
"When I was younger - I grew up in Essex, a mixed community - there were only a few GPs the young women would go to - because GPs in the community felt able to pass information about your sexuality to your parents."
And, presumably when they get married, confidential information finds its way back to their husbands/new owners.

We already know that their extreme concepts regarding familial honour lead Muslims to avoid reporting child abuse to the police. We also know that at least some Muslims are quite prepared to kill their own female relatives in order to protect the family "honour". This is, it would seem, just another story in the same theme.

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